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A Smoother Experience

The biggest buzzkill when using a tool – loading times, unresponsiveness, waiting… oh, how we hate waiting. And your leads hate waiting as well. Be it for a 10MB download, or a website that isn’t hosted close to them.

It’s simple really, isn’t it? People don’t want to wait for things to happen. It’s not rocket science – the longer the loading times; the more friction – the bigger the drop-off rate.

We thought very seriously about this since our inception. Delivering an experience where everything just works – quickly – is what we strive for. It is something that defines us, and that you shouldn’t have to even think about.



A Simplified Experience

Your material has to has to load quickly, be presented smoothly but most importantly – not be hidden between things that don’t really matter.

We went the route to take everything out of the way that doesn’t really fit, and to remove between page-loads completely. Your material is now hosted in your own pitchXO web app, with less clutter, less loading and more speed – and just feels better.



How we view slides really matters

We went back to step 1 and re-thought the whole idea on how we’re looking at slides, and who is looking at them.

Are we presenting to a passing-by audience who swipes them through, or is this rather for interested clients who want to view the details of your slides?

We thought the latter.

This is why your slides will now expand to the biggest possible size whenever they are being viewed. Still too small? A zoom button will appear.

And also for fans of portrait PDFs – we went through all the steps to make sure they look good on all devices.



Less waiting makes everybody happy

Whenever you make changes to your material, you can publish those adjustments when you’re finished. This usually was a longer process.

We worked now really hard to reduce these times – from minutes to mere seconds – so you can get much faster to present, instead of having to wait for your page to publish.

We hope you enjoy the new experience!