Connect with your app, or hundreds of others

We use over 10+ different tools in our company. It’s what makes our team tick – be it Slack, Asana, Streak CRM, Google Spreadsheets, Worksnaps, Tradeshift, or many more – we know the importance of being comfy with what you’re used to.

This is why – before adding any specific integrations – we put a high priority on supporting Zapier in our workflow. Zapier allows you to connect to over 300+ tools that you’re used to. And if your tool is not listed on Zapier, we offer a custom Webhooks integration as well – so you can easily send your lead’s details to your own CMS, CRM or own system easily.

We’re all about workflows and automation – and this should also take a big part in your fund-raising round. It makes things easier. So with pitchXO you can send new leads to the tools you know already, easily!