The Personal Touch

There’s hundreds of generic looking portals, sites, linked documents, etc. But why is everybody missing a super-simple opportunity in engaging their leads?


Personalize your slides – easily!


When presenting a deck, we tend to cramp everything into the slides, growing the decks bit by bit. And then we have to be careful and change e.g. the contact slides every time somebody else from your organization wants to send them. Or based on which clients we send it to.

We thought there’s a better way than that. Simply attach your contact details, your photo and a personal message to your deck. Now your leads will see them before, and after they are finished with the deck. Simple and personal, isn’t it?


A little bit more friendly


How many unfriendly login screens have you encountered in your lifetime? We thought that’s a missed opportunity right there.

How would you feel when the owner’s photo greeted you there, with a personalised message? A bit more encouraging to push you to login.

With pitchXO, you can now do exactly that.


It’s not just about who, it’s also about the where and how


We want you to have the best insights possible, especially on who is viewing your important documents. So in that process we already delivered questions on the who, the when, and the what.

And now you’ll also be able to see the where and how – are they right now viewing your slides comfortably on their Mac while in San Francisco? Or are they on the go while checking your documents from Berlin on their iPhone?

Now you’ll know, and will be able to make better decisions – are they close by? Schedule a one-on-one meeting. Do you know anyone in their city? We’ll leave it to you to take it from there…