Maps – nothing communicates ambitions better than pins on a globe

Maps are great.

Nothing displays growth and reach as easily as a simple map. And nothing really leaves such an immense impression than a world-map with your pointers all over it.

At pitchXO we’re all about the pitch and impressing investors. Be it your existing ones, or potential new ones. And we believe that maps are a simple, but effective tool, to showcase relatively hidden and spread datapoints in one simple environment.

Add your customers to a map, your office locations, your sales channels, server locations and your team as well. It will give an investor an impressive and quick overview over your ambitions.

Since maps on a slide are hard to work with – e.g. not zoomable, and lack of details – we offer to add Google Maps on a separate page to your investor page.

Because nothing communicates ambitions better than pins on a globe.