Create and curate your own Company’s Timeline

Most people are used to Facebook’s timelines. Those are great for personal updates that are shared with personal friends. However, it’s really not that good for sharing company updates, as everything would be public and possibly filtered from people with stakes in the company.

We thought about this deeply, and decided to integrate with Google Sheets, to allow for the display of your historic company updates easily in a Timeline form.

Now you and your accredited team, simply have to update a Google Sheet, and we’ll display those updates in an accumulated Timeline for your leads.

Now whenever a new lead signs up to your investor page, they’ll be able to see how your company evolved over the past weeks, months and years. This is a great way to accredit your company’s historical progress as well, and builds confidence in the team.

And if you don’t have the time to keep the company updates updated yourself, you can hire an investor relations PA at Shark Digest to do it for you.