Why passwords are outdated

How many passwords do you have, and where do you keep them? How many people did you share one of your passwords with, and how do you keep up with making new ones?

We think passwords are outdated. They belong into the last century. Why?

Because there are specific solutions to replace them out there. An email / password should not identify an user.

a) If you need to identify business contacts, they are on LinkedIn already. That’s what it was made for – it’s a professional business profile of a person, showcasing his CV.

b) If you need to identify investors, they are most likely on AngelList already. That’s what it was made for as well – to streamline the investment process. So why would you bother investors with yet another email / password combination that they won’t ever remember?

c) For everybody else – well they are on Facebook. And Facebook is kind of the last resort, but to be honest, it turns into the ‘internet passport’ for everything else.

The biggest upside of social logins over emails and passwords?

They identify a person.

Not for espionage reasons, no. They simply identify the owner with a 99% probability. Especially when you’re sharing confident documents, you would not want to bet and hope that that email/password combination has been shared around, would you?

It’s very uncommon for people to share their social login details – that’s why we have chosen social login to be the main option to identify people who view your documents. So you, as business owner or stakeholder, can be sure – that only the people you want to give access to will see your documents.