Be pro-active with investors

Investors are busy, and you are not the only person that has awakened their attention. So possibly you got the attention of some, and they have shown you their interest. Possibly they might get back to you in due time.

Now what?

Stay pro-active. Update them. Show them that you are in control of your company, and that it’s worth it to be in business with you.

Investors hate nothing more than to stay in the dark about what’s happening in a company. Use this to your advantage.

You could for example send out an email to all registered investors on your investor page once you uploaded a new deck, updated your KPI or added new company updates.

The benefits are clear :

a) Interested investors will see constant activity from your companynb) You will find out easier if an investor has dropped the ball, and doesn’t check your contentnc) And most importantly : You hold yourself accountable to your company. Constantly updating your investors will teach you more about your own company than it will teach them.

You can trust us when we say – we’ve seen the benefits, and they are loud and clear. Those are some of the lowest hanging fruits out there that you can use to your advantage with investors, and we don’t meant the board meetings; those are work for everyone.