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How Our Platform Helps Businesses

pitchXO is primarily a data room platform with in-built document usage tracking and analytics.

Secure your files

Sending naked documents through email is the least secure way to share files nowadays.

Upload them to the cloud instead, and stay on top who accesses your documents and when.

Revoke access at any time.

No software needed

Share your documents securely in the cloud - no software or local updates required.

Simply login to our platform, and start your day.

Easy To Use

You can set up a data room in less than 5 minutes - yes, we measured this.

Even less, if you simply duplicate an existing data room for your needs.

Fully customizable

Unlike with other solutions you can fully customize all wording in your data room. Do you want to use it for different purposes?

Simply change the default texts. Customer base in another language? You can translate the relevant parts.

Track viewers

Know who accesses your important documents, when - and what they were interested in.

With advanced reports you can clearly see which of your slides awaken most of the interest of your leads.

Drag and drop

Move files and create complex folder structures that fit your organizational data structure.

Group files and videos together in your own folder directory per drag & drop.

Work as a team

You can add or remove team members to have admin access to your data room.

Each team member will be able to approve or deny incoming leads, or create new data rooms within your account.

For private sub-accounts that are restricted - see our Enterprise plans.

Professional Branding

Brand your data room with your company assets and colors.

You can also change the data room link to your personally branded sub-domain link based on your own domain name.

For heavier customizations insert CSS or JS code directly into your data room.

No account sharing for your leads

Your leads can log in using their facebook, linkedin or angellist social accounts.

They can also use emails to login and see your content, however - every time they log in, they will have to confirm the One Time Password we send them per login.

This way you're sure that the account owner is really using his email address, and not somebody elses.

Full Feature Comparison

Compare all the features across plans

Compare FeaturesEnterpriseProfessionalStartupHobby
Team members501051
Data Rooms501031
Create seperate client accounts
Real time notifications
Data Room Styling
Use your own domain name
Company Branding
Custom CSS
Custom JS
Secure SSL
Change all wording in data room
Seamless on-brand viewing experience
Data Room Login Providers
Email + One Time PIN
Email + No PIN
Lead Behaviour Tracking
Real time deck intelligence
In-depth Deck Analytics
Lead Behaviour Reports
Lead Background Info Lookups
Control Document Access at any time
Approval of leads
Approve after sign-up
Pre-approve Leads
Whitelist company domains
Auto-approve new leads
Remove lead access
Share multiple documents and downloads per data room
Organize documents in folders
Share to any device - no downloads necessary
Share decks in your data room
Update decks without resending a new link
Share downloads in your data room
Share videos in your data room
Share press items in your data room
Share your KPI
( Google Sheet integration )
Share your company timeline
( Google Sheet integration )
Share google maps
Push leads to your CRM
Add lead to your Mailing List