Tag your leads, so they’ll see your ads

You are used to it already from other providers. You look for that nice hotel in that city you were planning to go to, and suddenly – these hotels suddenly re-appear in ads on TechCrunch, Youtube and other unrelated websites. Coincidence? No, of course not. This method is known amongst advertisers as retargeting.

It’s a very cost-effective way to remind prospects and leads about your service, and we believe that it should be easier to use it – that’s why we integrate with Google Tag Manager.

Now you can easily tag any lead that visits your landing page, and show him your specific ads, so you’ll make sure he doesn’t forget you.

An investor is interested in your investor pitch? Make sure he now sees your company wherever he goes on the web. Stay on top of his mind, and – if you’re extra-creative – create even specific ads targeted at him.

Once a lead visits your landing page, no matter if he uses it or not, you can tag him. Small things that show you’re able to walk the extra-mile to get that deal.

The next time they browse the web, they might see your targeted ads, which keep your company name on their minds.